Kayleigh Somhairle

Ranger of √Čire


Curling red hair falls down Kayleigh’s back, random braids occasionally keeping some of it out of her eyes. She is average height standing at 5’4" tall. Kayleigh’s dressed in simple breeches and shirt, her leather armor an outer layer protecting her from the world. If you look closely, it appears that the leather was once finely tooled, but now either worn by age or worn down on purpose, the armor gives the impression of well loved not incredibly fancy.

You will never see her far from her bow and quiver of arrows. You can see by the quality of her arrows she’s had some training as a fletcher and is quite skilled; always a handy person to have around between battles for anyone in need of fletching assistance.

Her large, black horse, Aisling, accompanies her everywhere she goes. You’ll see Kayleigh speaking to her at length when she thinks no one is paying much attention. Kayleigh treats Aisling like a friend and companion, just as if Aisling were human.


Kayleigh claims to hail from Cork in the south of √Čire.

Kayleigh Somhairle

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