Cadòc O'Dowd

Cadòc (Kad-dock) is an Irish scribe, illuminator and cleric from County Armagh, Ireland. Red of hair and beard, he seeks knowledge and exploration of the Pale and its people, and to somehow survive in the process.


Cadòc O’Dowd
Cloistered Cleric – 2
-Sun Domain
-Travel Domain
-Knowledge Domain (free)

HP 14/AC 15

Str- 10
Dex – 14
Con – 12
Int – 16
Wis – 18
Cha – 12

-Staff – made of red oak
-Morningstar (gift from clergy)
-Longbow (traded for healing during and after a skirmishing battle)


Known for his skill with a pen and brush, Cadòc has grown to be a cleric of diligent study and dedicated workmanship. He can scribe scrolls, cook, brew, and tend earth for work as he travels, as well as offer healing and song. His mule, Domrain, is a trusted companion. Cadòc has never seen a town with such a mix of culture like Dublinn, and with it’s size comes many opportunities and dangers alike.

Cadòc follows a Christian monastic tradition, but sees himself not truly in line with most of the teachings, and in truth has been called a heretic by certain clergymen. He has a personal affinity for Ogma, the Celtic god of scribes and learning.

He was present at the Bloody Bank, caught between the forces of Drake and the clan O’Byrne, healing whomever he could when they were able to find him. Cad was gifted a longbow by a soldier, a Gallowglass mercenary, who gave up the battle and ran into the Pale.

Cadòc O'Dowd

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