The land is wild. It is fickle and unforgiving. One day, the waves that washed ashore brought on its back boats. Knights from England and Wales, led by one called Strongbow, sought in vain to tame the land and its native peoples. Eventually, an uneasy truce seemed to have prevailed. A pause. A breath. An area of safety known as “The Pale" was established. Walls were built. Occasionally, a bold lord would try to stake out new claims beyond the Pale. Some went mad. Some went wild. Some disappeared altogether. The land seemed to wait, to bide its time.

Now, a new threat has arisen. Fishing boats observed the coming of several Norse longboats. The boats remain where the warriors left them when they went ashore. Is there an army approaching from the North? Or have the Danes been devoured by the land as well?

The Prophecy of Merlin says that the land will one day be united. But who shall rule?

In The Wail of the Banshee, chivalrous knights, fearsome Norse warriors, and brave Celts struggle to hold back the wild, fey-dominated land that would drive them into the sea.

The Wail of the Banshee

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